Thursday, January 19, 2012


So, I decided to do this post to show how I organize my makeup/lotion/hair products/etc. because I think I have a pretty good system for my makeup. I find things quickly and everything is in place and I love being organized. It's important to organize your makeup because you won't lose anything and it keeps your makeup from getting ruined or broken! I've seen several makeup storage videos and blog posts and I just though I would contribute!

Okay so this is were all of my makeup is stored. I have a desk from IKEA (the hutch came separate) and then I have the matching cabinet thing also from IKEA. 

As you can see, I use plastic drawers of various sizes to store my makeup. I think it's the best way if you have a lot of makeup. I get these drawers from Walmart, and they aren't that much money either!

In the first 3 drawers, I have these desk inserts to separate my makeup products. I plan on getting more but I'm content with just 3 for now! They are also inexpensive.

On top, I have a desk organizer that my mom had given me and I use it to organize my palettes. You can get these from any office store, even Target/Walmart have them!

On top of my hutch, I have a Q-tip holder along with some nail polishes. To organize my brushes, I bought plastic tumblers from Walmart and filled them with tiny beads from AC Moore and just stuck them in. I have about 5 of those.

Inside my vanity drawer, I use a kitchen organizer (normally used for forks, spoons, etc.) for my "most-used" products. They're easily accessible and organized.

I also have a plastic organizer inside my vanity drawer to hold all of my clips and hair ties.

In the bottom cabinets, I have two baskets to hold random things and makeup. Then I have two more plastic organizers storing more makeup.

In my closet, I have two bigger plastic drawers with wheels on them which hold makeup bags, lotions, hair products, and more makeup palettes that didn't fit in the office organizer. On top of one, I just have a shoe box containing the products I use daily, but I plan on getting a more cuter basket to hold them in!

So that's all I have right now! It may take a little bit of work but organizing your stuff, whether it's makeup or not, makes your life sooo much easier! xo


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