Saturday, January 7, 2012

HAUL: Sugarpill

Shipping was fast/average and everything was covered with pink tissue paper. I also received a personal thank-you on my info sheet which I thought was a nice touch.

Nothing came broken and none of the jars spilled.

All of the pigments I ordered along with a Sugarpill sticker which I think is the cutest sticker ever because it's glittery!!! And my order also came with a business card, and a free sample.

The sample I received was Junebug and I'm happy it wasn't a pigment I ordered because I hate when companies give me a sample I already have a full size of! So that was a good thing. I also was debating on whether to get Junebug too but I decided not too so maybe once I try the sample I will order it eventually!

 Along with the pigments, I also ordered a single eyeshadow in Bulletproof since the 2 palettes don't come with the black and I've heard so many good reviews on how pigmented it is.

 *The lids are soooo cute! And so are the boxes *-*

  *From left to right: Lumi, Royal Sugar, Asylum, Absinthe, Darling, Goldilux, and Tiara.

Lumi - You can't see it in the picture really but the color is white with a turquoise sheen with a bit of blue and green and when you put it over a color or black the color transforms.

Royal Sugar - The main reason why I wanted to buy Sugarpill Loose Shadows. This color is so gorgeous! It's a bright blue with a bit of glitter. If you add a bit of Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy before applying this, the glitter definitely shows a lot more!

Asylum - Bright red with sparkles!

Absinthe - Shimmery, vivid lime green with yellow undertones. I don't have many green shadows, because it's not one of my favorite colors, but this color is soooo pretty, I couldn't resist!

Darling - Teal with iridescent turquoise sparkles. I'm obsessed with turquoise colors! 

Goldilux - I HAD to get this color because I've never ever seen a gold color like this before! It's a metallic gold with a high shine.

Tiara - Metallic silver with a high shine.

*For some reason all of the jars were filled at different levels? I've seen this before on another blog so I guess that's pretty common from them? Hmm.

 Swatches! From left to right: Lumi, Tiara, Goldilux, Asylum, Royal Sugar, and Absinthe.
*Swatches are over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy

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