Thursday, December 15, 2011


I've been dying to get MAC's Fix+ for a while now, and I finally got some cash to pick it up. It's only $10 and it has sooooooooo many uses! I can't wait to use it! =]

The second thing I got from MAC was one of their paint pots in "Painterly". This is the first paint pots I've gotten from MAC, so I'm excited to use it. I've been wanting this product for a while now, and like I said, I happened to have some cash on me so I got it. It was $17.50 but it's worth the price because it's both good quality and there's lots of product in that jar.

The next place I went was LUSH. I'm absolutely OBSESSED with this store now! The first product I've gotten from them was their Lip Scrubs in Bubblegum and I'm in love with it. When I went to LUSH yesterday, I picked up 3 new things and I'm very happy with them!

This is their holiday "limited edition" shower gel in Snow Fairy. It smells exactly the same as the Lip Scrub I bought in Bubblegum. It's kind of shimmery and it smells soooo good, I really want to use it! It was $24.95 and I got the 8.4 oz. bottle. There was also a smaller one and a larger one, so I thought the medium sized would be perfect.

This is the product I only stopped at LUSH for (but ended up buying two more things!!!). I love anything that has to do with coconut and this seemed like the perfect thing to get. Their smoothies are a mix between a shower gel and a lotion. You can't really smell the coconut but the almond is such a nice smell. It lathers up really nicely and leaves my skin feeling super smooth. It's perfect for the winter! Loving it. It cost $19.95.

The last thing I got was Sympathy for the Skin. It's a moisturizer which leaves your skin super super soft and smooth. It goes perfectly with the Almond & Coconut Smoothie when applied right after the shower. My skin smelled AMAZING with the two together. It cost $25.95.

I definitely need to post what clothing I bought too! I'm still trying to find the perfect lighting and setting to take the perfect pictures of them though! For these products I made myself a DIY Photo Box. It's super easy!

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